Bridlington Lib Dem Councillor Mike Heslop-Mullens is campaigning against rumoured further expansion of caravans on the Flamborough Headland at sites such as The Lighthouse.
Mike (pictured) says: "The local infrastructure around Flamborough is already at capacity. The roads and drains won’t cope with an extra 500 caravans.”
He added: “We would also lose acres of heritage coastline and vital green space that gives Flamborough its identity. None of this green space is allocated for development despite Government Plans to take away the public's right to be consulted."
Mike is also conscious that residents who are using caravans as their only or main place of residence, should not be evicted during the Pandemic. Mike has put down a Motion to East Riding Councils Full Council meeting calling for Council Officers to help owners stay in their caravans until the Pandemic is over. Says Mike: "Some sites have restrictions saying you can't stay all the year round. I want to end the uncertainty and stress created by those regulations for caravan owners, some of whom have sold their houses and may have nowhere else to go."

Lib Dem Group Leader Cllr David Nolan backed Mike's motion saying: " We are saying enough is enough and we dont want Flamborough and other parts of the east coast to become a "Caravan City". Equally though, we should end the possible threat of eviction for caravan owners who are using it as a main residence during the Pandemic."

Here Mike here talking to Radio Humberside about stopping evictions from caravans during the Covid pandemic: