Allowance increase for Conservative Councillors

By Admin Lib Dems, Feb 26, 2020 11:02

Outrage as East Riding Conservative Councillors force through, without debate, a £10k allowance increase for one of their Members.

At today’s East Riding of Yorkshire Full Council meeting, Conservative Councillors forced through a £10k extra allowance to Conservative Councillor Ben Weeks by shutting down any debate of their plans to create a third Review Panel Chairman.

Liberal Democrat Councillor, David Nolan, condemned the move saying:

“East Riding residents deserve answers as to why they are now paying £10k per annum without any debate. The Review Panels have two Chairmen already with each getting £10k per annum. They have only completed three Review Panels in the past two years, so it is difficult to understand why they need a third Panel Chairman.”

Councillor Denis Healy said:

“It’s a disgrace that there has been no report or justification for this increase.”

Councillor Ben Weeks already receives a basic allowance of £11,732 and this would add an extra £10,000 to what he is paid out of council tax payers’ pockets, although he is still paid less than Conservative Group Leader, Councillor Burton, who receives £49,509 per annum from the public purse.

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