Combined Mayor East Riding & Hull?

Do you want a newly-created Mayor to run services for a combined East Riding Council and Hull City Council Authority? The existing Councils will continue, so this is additional. Click the link here to have a say.

The Conservatives on East Riding Council are planning to sign a deal with the Government for a new Mayor in March 2021. Their Time-table is to then "consult you" in June, long after the deal is signed! You will be consulted on how the Mayor will operate but NOT whether you want one.

A Mayor would manage a number of services including adult education and careers, Transport, Economic Development, Environment and Flood Risk. The two Councils would continue and run their existing services. So this is an extra layer of bureaucracy.

The average Mayor in other parts of the country is drawing a Salary of £84K plus expenses.

They also have Staff members. The PR spin doctor for Sheffield City Region has been hired on £700 a day – the annual equivalent of £182,000 (source The Star). The average salary in East Riding and Hull is £25k. (source”

Lib Dems believe you should have your say BEFORE the deal is signed to have a Mayor. The East Riding Conservatives want to avoid consulting you in case you say no! So we are giving you your chance to say "yes" or "no" below!

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