Local Lib Dem calls for Council to provide financial support to vulnerable pet care business

By Admin Lib Dems, Jan 26, 2021 9:01

Erica Willett uses the Home From Home pet care business in Swanland and was moved to action when she learnt that they were experiencing some financial struggles in the wake of Covid19: "Ollie, our dog, has been groomed there all his life. I can't bear the thought that the community could lose its first-rate pet services."

Erica Willett is a Lib Dem & community campaigner in Swanland, North Ferriby, Melton and Welton and she has sent off a letter to the Council to call for it to utilise some of its Covid19 grants to support Home From Home pet care.


*Ollie, 5, JackTzu  - pictured at Home From Home pet care after receiving his Christmas groom.

Erica Willett, Lib Dem and community campaigner said:

"Home from Home pet care offer an important service to this community and their pets - many residents in this area have a dog in their family and rely on the service.

"The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the pet care sector and Home From Home has taken the brunt locally.

"Customers not being able to go on holiday and working from home has been catastrophic for Home From Home's pet services.

"The Council have a responsibility to support local business and ensure that they get access to the financial support they need to ensure they aren't closed for good due to the pandemic.

"I have written to them - we can't afford to lose any businesses in our community solely because of the pandemic."


Home From Home pet care Director, Mandy said:

"We are still open, for the moment, but it has been really tough during the pandemic to keep the service open financially speaking - the Government have let our sector fall through the gaps. We are so grateful to our loyal customers and the beloved pets they leave in our care.

"We are still offering daycare services for pets and for dogs these include two play and walk sessions and the all-important chance to socialise with other dogs - this is really important for dog's well being.

"The pandemic has also impacted pets, whilst many customers have been able to work from home, some of these customers are reporting their beloved pets have developed separation anxiety when they've started to return to the office.

"One key way to address separation anxiety is to ensure dogs get plenty of socialisation, with a variety of different people and other dogs. Some regular time apart from their primary carers can be good for them - we offer a daycare service that can offer such a service."




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Letter sent to East Riding Yorkshire Council Business services:

Date: 23/01/21

Dear Business Rates,

I write to you to bring to your attention the worrying Covid19 financial situation that a business in Swanland is facing in South Hunsley; Home from Home ltd.

The pandemic has hit Home from Home ltd hard - no one is able to go away on holiday so their pet care service has been seriously damaged by the Covid19 restrictions. Jobs there have already been lost and more will be lost without financial support.

There is a great love of animals in the residential communities of North Ferriby, Swanland, Melton and Welton - many of the residents in these communities have a dog in their family.

In normal circumstances these residents rely heavily on this service – where will they go after Covid19 for their pet care? This is the only service like it in the area.

To lose this local business would be nothing short of a total travesty, it would also put key workers with pets, such as dogs, in a precarious situation – go to work and harm my dog or stay at home and look after my family.

This situation of losing Home from Home ltd. can’t be allowed to happen I urge the East Riding Council to offer financial Covid19 grant support.

Yours sincerely,

Erica Willett
Chair of North Ferriby Focus Residents Association
[email protected]

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