Tories deny Climate Change in East Riding

By Admin Lib Dems, Jul 30, 2020 9:07

The ruling Conservative Group on East Riding of Yorkshire council has denied that climate change will be a problem in this area.

At a meeting of ERYC full council yesterday, 29th July, the Tories rejected a motion supported by the Lib Dems to declare a climate emergency, even though this has been done by many UK councils. The effect of the motion would have been to ensure that all decisions taken by the Council would take climate change implications into consideration.



A recorded vote was taken on the motion, and all the East Riding Conservatives voted to deny climate change, including Beverley’s Conservative ward councillors.

Lib Dem Councillor Denis Healy said:

 “This is the second time in a year that East Riding Tories have voted to deny that there is a climate emergency. Tory councillors have yet again demonstrated that they have no care for the future of our planet and the devastating impact that climate change will have for future generations.”

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